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AMSOIL GNCC Racing 2014 at Big Buck SC (Union County)

The AMSOIL GNCC race held this past weekend (April 12 and 13) was a huge success.  There were over 4000 people in attendance.  I think all  of Union County came out in support of its event.  The weather could not have been better! The first three races in other states were mud baths. 

Saturday’s ATV and UTV races were extremely competitive and not too destructive on machinery.  Congrats to AMSOIL’s Chris Borich who won again in the pro-ATV class.

Sunday’s 2-wheel races were also very competitive.  It was a close race between Charlie Mullins and Kailub Russell.  Congrats to Kailub Russell who won his third of the season.  AMSOIL GNCC Big Buck Victory Lane UTV 2014

I want to thank GNCC Racing, Racer TV and New Day Photo for providing excellent photo and video coverage.  Special thanks to Henry Turner (Big Buck Farm) and Union County for  hosting this event.

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