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AMSOIL Diesel Oil/Fuel Economy

Diesel truck owners often ask me about engine oil/fuel economy. I base my reply on personal experience with my Dodge Sprinter diesel.  I use AMSOIL 5w30 Heavy Duty Diesel.  (AMSOIL also offers other viscosities).  When my truck was new, it got about 19.5 mpg around town, 23.5 highway.  At 10,000 miles I AMSOIL 5w30 HDDchanged to AMSOIL 5w30 HDD.  I immediately saw a 5% improvement in fuel economy (20.5 city, 24.5 hwy).  Even pulling our 4,000 pound travel trailer, often up mountains and/or in heat of summer, I get 17 to 18 mpg!  My customers have told me they get at least 5% mpg more after installing AMSOIL.  That equals fuel savings!

I have been able to extend my oil drain interval to 60,000 miles.  I do have a bypass oil filter and do oil analysis every 10,000 miles.  The oil analysis lab checks quality, viscosity, contaminants and TBN (total base number) in your oil.  But one of the best reasons to use oil analysis is you can get a look inside your engine and get the story without taking the engine apart! Be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to protecting your investment.

Along with fuel savings, I am able to go farther between oil changes, thus saving even more dollars and time. I am also keeping lots of plastic bottles out of the landfills.

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