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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

cold outside 4

Cost of diesel ownership and cold weather can pose challenges.  AMSOIL diesel fuel additives help reduce overall costs and combat the negative effects of cold temperatures. Diesel fuel suffers from the effects of cold weather. Diesel naturally contains wax.  In cold ambient temperatures, wax can crystallize and turn into gel, which can plug fuel lines, Read more »

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Muscle Cars Don’t Like to Rest

muscle cars

AMSOIL likes muscle cars!  So in keeping with our determination to stay ahead of the curve, AMSOIL has developed oils that are specifically engineered to provide premium protection for today's muscle cars.  The legendary performance oils in the AMSOIL Signature Series reset the standard for this  unique market.             Read more »

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Attention: New Oils for Dirt Bikers!


Top-tier riders need the best in their equipment to attain podium finishes race after race. Continuous improvement has always been the reason AMSOIL is The First in Synthetics. In response, AMSOIL has developed a new product exclusively for dirt bikes! Racing is research.  AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil underwent extensive on-track testing in the bikes Read more »

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