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AMSOIL Spray Protectants Excel

Both AMSOIL Metal Protector and Heavy Duty Metal Protector protect metal surfaces, displace water and silence squeaky hinges and other metal contact points. Each dries to leave behind a protective film, while also resisting gum and sludge formation. Many users, however, are unaware of the     different uses for each product. Metal Protector Metal Protector is Read more »

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AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Double-Length Performance Test

  The Sequence IIIG Engine Test (ASTM D7320) is designed to evaluate automotive motor oils for oil thickening, piston deposits, oil consumption and engine wear during moderately high-speed, high-temperature service. It must be passed for motor oil to meet the API SN and ILSAC GF-5 motor oil specifications. Results in the 100-hour test are an Read more »

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