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My name is Robert Bryan, Independent AMSOIL Dealer #475488. My wife, Sandy and I live in Greenville, South Carolina, having moved here from Richmond, Virginia in the mid-1990s.

I started my career as an automobile technician in the early 1970s. I also had a passion for motorcycles and tried my hand at amateur motocross racing. I must have been lucky, good or slow because I never broke any bones.

I have been using AMSOIL since the early 1980s and have been an independent dealer since 2002. I first started using AMSOIL when I was racing and building race cars. Sports car racing (SCCA) was my interest. In the ‘80s, with a Mazda RX3, I campaigned in the Washington DC Region. My friend Mac Buhrman was a much better driver, while I was a better car builder/crew chief, which allowed us to take regional championships in our class two years in a row with no mechanical failures. We used AMSOIL in the engine, transmission, and rear axle. No oil changes were necessary during the two seasons!As far as I am concerned, AMSOIL is not only the first in synthetics, it is the very best in synthetics.

I started EuROVER Automotive Services in 2002, specializing in LandRoverand other European vehicle repairs. I only used AMSOIL products in those vehicles. I cannot tell you how many times I heard compliments on how much better my customers’ vehicles were performing. I would like to say it was entirely because of my expertise. But to be honest, AMSOIL products had a lot to do with that.

As an automobile technician for over 40 years, I have seen what poor maintenance and using poor quality lubricants can do to an engine. I have done my fair share of replacing engines where I literally could scoop out conventional oil/sludge from the engine. Oil that does not flow cannot protect an engine!

I also sold other AMSOIL products at my shop – for automobiles, diesel trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and lawn equipment. I never had a customer come back to me and say they were disappointed in the products. I always had them coming back for more products. They might have started with automotive products, but they quickly tried other AMSOIL products that were specifically made for their lawn mowers, trimmers, boats, “toys”, etc. AMSOIL is that good.

In August of 2013, my wife and I decided it was time to retire from the auto repair business and focus more on our AMSOILbusiness. We are now Dominator Lubes, Inc. I’ll finally have more time to do some of my favorite past times – car and motorcycle racing, car shows, bike nights and, of course, traveling the country with our Airstream travel trailer.We are excited to be able to continue this life adventure, with AMSOIL playing a huge part.

As an Independent Dealer, one of the benefits of our relationship with AMSOIL is that it provides us with the freedom to choose how busy we want to be – or to slow the pace if we want. And it is all about relationships. When you register your account with AMSOIL through me as a dealer, preferred customer, retail or commercial account, you have a person (me) to ask a question or get information. Anyone who knows me knows that I do love to meet people. And I love to share my experiences and my customers’ experiences with AMSOIL products. I want to be the person you feel free to call if you have a question about an AMSOIL product or its application. Of course, I certainly appreciate it when you buy the products and give AMSOIL my ID number so that I get a commission check from AMSOIL!

I hope you continue to come back to www.dominatorlubes.com. You can place an order, look for products, or just check out my blog. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions or concerns, or just to say hello and let me know what is happening in your life.

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